During the time of work being done on your property, it becomes a CONSTRUCTION ZONE under POWER ROOFING’s supervision. We may put up CAUTION tape and warning signs. Please keep animals and children inside and away from the perimeter of building(s). It is recommended for vehicles to be off the driveway as we need complete access. With a chance that vibrations come through the interior of your home/building(s), please secure or remove any AT RISK items from falling (POWER ROOFING assumes no responsibility for interior contents). Electrical access is necessary for compressor and power tools. If no power is available, generator rental will result in additional charges. Please notify us if there is any problem or concerns you may have before the project begins.


  • All information disclosed in this quote (including price, terms and conditions, warranty and extras) is accepted upon the signature of acceptance.
  • Balance (SAID price plus repair plus G.S.T.) due on date of completion. Late payments are subject to a 3.5% monthly interest charge.
  • Repairs which are not included in SAID price may consist of but are not limited to: wood replacement (plywood or structural); venting (adding, repositioning and replacement/repair); chimney, wall or dormer (flashing, repair or replacement); and removal of extra layers of shingles not originally stated on agreement will be subjected to additional charges.
  • Fixed items including but not limited to: satellite dishes, antennas, solar panels and seasonal decorations MUST be removed to conduct our work and will NOT be replaced unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • Deposits which are taken upon date of accepted contract are non-refundable.
  • POWER ROOFING assumes NO responsibility for any interior changes that may occur during or after work is completed consisting of but not limited to: cracks in the walls or ceilings, structural/foundational shifting, lighting, TV mounts, pictures and paintings etc.
  • Any remaining materials are considered the property of POWER ROOFING.


  • Proper installation of chosen roof applications (shingles, underlay, flashing, ventilation and any drip edge protection).
  • Manufacture warranty covers the products installed.
  • If any leaks occur within 6 years after installation POWER ROOFING will repair the leak at NO CHARGE to you.
  • Leaks that occur from installation or removal of satellite dishes, antennas, vents, chimneys, plumbing stacks or any secured item not done by POWER ROOFING will not be warranted.
  • Workmanship warranty does NOT cover damage due to high winds, ice buildup, condensation or other acts of God.
  • 6-year warranty VOID if:
    • Repairs are done by anyone other than POWER ROOFING.
    • If snow removal is done by anyone other than POWER ROOFING.
    • Final price is not paid in FULL.